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Mark IV Wind Generator Kit 


Power Output:                     10 KW peak output, 7200 KW continous @ 12 MPH wind speed  note 1

                                          220 Volt  45 amp Single phase  60 Hertz  less than 1% harmonic distortion note 2

Rotor RPM:                          30

Grid connectable?                 No  note 3

Cut in wind speed:                6 MPH

Cut out speed:                      None

Optimum tower height:         45  to 85 feet note 4

Rotor Brake:                        Electrical with manual override

Rotor:                                 3 blade axial lift type

Rotor Diameter:                   22.5 feet  (6.85 meters)

Nacelle length:                     7.5 feet (2.29 meters)

Nacelle Diameter:                 24 inches ( 61 cm)

Tail length (fully extended):  6 feet (1.82 meters)

Overall Weight:                     360 pounds (164 Kg)


Note 1:  See power output chart

Note 2:  Warning: Do not exceed 10 KW  (45 FLA @ 220 V)

Note 3:  Generator power is routed through a transfer switch that arbitrates whether utility power or wind generated power is connected to the load based on wind speed.  The transfer switch disconnects utility power in a break before make configuration and connects 60 Hertz synchronized wind generator power to the load.

Note 4:  30 feet of clear vertical height relative to surrounding structures must be attained to reach rated power output.