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Wind Powered Enterprise- High Density Organic Produce Farming


With just 2 acres of  ground in a windy location, this enterprise can yield an annual income of $70,000 or more.  High demand vegetables are grown inside a greenhouse controlled environment powered by the almost limitless resource of the wind.  


A 2100 square foot green house can grow enough food to feed your family and within a few months, begin to provide an overflow bounty of vegetables that can be sold to local cafes and restaurants.  Free electricity from a Right Angle Energy generator powers grow lamps and environmental controls that accelerate plant growth to almost unbelievable rates. With virtually no shipping costs to absorb, this enterprise can compete successfully against produce suppliers that have to ship their vegetables in from Southern California, Texas, or Florida.


If youíve got a green thumb then this is an opportunity to consider.  If the prospect of being in control of your own future is appealing.  Right Angle Energy can provide the key equipment and instruction to make your enterprise successful.  With over 30 years of experience  in blue ribbon organic gardening and energy engineering expertise backing you up,  your enterprise canít help but succeed. 



Feed your family.  Save literally thousands of dollars in grocery bills by    growing your own highly nutritious food all year round.



Establish a family business.  



Make your acreage pay for itself.



Start a regular delivery route to get your produce to the local cafes at its peak of freshness. 



Obtain an Organic Certification and sell your produce for up to 3 times as much as what the nonorganic producers are getting.



Reclaim your initial investment is in as little as 18 months. 


Contact Right Angle Energy for details.  As with any enterprise, its success is determined by how much energy, time, and effort you apply.  A new successful future is only an e-mail away.


For more information please E-Mail inquiries@rightangleenergy.com